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🌏Blog Tour🌍 #GIVEAWAY & FUN Q&A w/ Author Jules Radcliffe for “Pirate Master”⚔️

A strait-laced lieutenant. A free-living pirate. A hopeless love.


Quinn has never met a man quite like Perry. Stern and cold on the outside, burning up inside with secret passion. Yearning for a mastery only Quinn can satisfy. But Perry is no outcast—he’s a respectable officer in His Majesty’s navy. Reluctant to test his love for a pirate, Quinn baulks at asking him to give up everything he holds dear.

Though he has no regrets about their night of glorious sin, Perry sees no future with Quinn. Unlike the pirates of Port Royal, he isn’t free to love where he pleases. If word of his illicit affair came to the ears of Commodore Pobjoy, his career would be at an end. And the disgrace might mean he could never return home to England.

With war on the horizon, the Caribbean is a hotbed of intrigue. Quinn is betrayed and thrown into Monte Gris, an impregnable dungeon even the fearsome Brethren of the Coast aren’t strong enough to breach. Perry is stunned. Everything he valued is hollow and meaningless without his master.

Willing to risk all to get Quinn back, he refuses to abandon hope and plots a daring and dangerous rescue. But he can’t do it alone. He’ll need every scrap of ingenuity at his disposal to persuade the Black Wolf and the crew of the Audacious that his plan will work.

This time, it’s not just Perry’s career and reputation at stake. If he fails, men will die. And both he and Quinn will suffer a gruesome fate at the hands of a terrifying acolyte of the Spanish Inquisition.

About the Series:

The Golden Age of piracy—a time of terror on the high seas, of romance and intrigue, of dastardly deeds.

In Port Royal, a brotherhood arises. A society of gallant buccaneers and rough marauders who owe allegiance to no one but themselves. Fiery men of fierce passions who take what they want and love where they choose.

Set sail for swashbuckling adventure with the Pirates of Port Royal!

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Pirates of Port Royal III Pirate Master by Jules Radcliffe cover


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The faint chime of watch bells sounded. Perry, still nine parts asleep, automatically counted two and one.

Not yet time to rise.

He subsided back into his lover’s embrace. Recalling whose arms were wrapped strong around him, whose heart beat slow and steady under his ear, Perry smiled drowsily.

Sometime later, he woke alone, the bed beside him cold. Disappointment gripped him. But when he lifted his head, he saw a pair of boots, the tops sagging to one side, and a shirt and breeches hanging from a hook. Quinn’s clothing from last night. Wherever the master had gone, he could not be far.

Perry stretched out stiff arms and legs, and rubbed his tender arse in idle memory. Thinking of last night brought a grin to his face. He climbed from his bunk and stuck his head through the stern window.

The harbour was smooth and still, and other ships and boats were faint silhouettes in the predawn gloom. With only a handful of men aboard and the watch changeover at least an hour away, he took the chance no one would be wandering about this part of the ship. Naked but for his shirt, he dashed to the wardroom quarter gallery.

He peered into the little mirror nailed to the bulkhead. If he stood in the right spot, he could see his whole face in its burnished surface. He was surprised to see looked much the same. He touched the scar under his eye and traced down to his lips with light fingers. Mayhap the customary tightness in his face was eased.

The crew would tease him mercilessly for last night, but it was a price he was willing to pay. He wanted more of Quinn’s kisses, both the rough and the gentle. Never had he dreamed they would be lovers, not after so many months of crossing swords. It had taken him so long to come to his senses. Too long, he thought wistfully. Because one way or another, his time with the Brethren of the Coast was about to come to an end.

Pirates of Port Royal III Pirate Master by Jules Radcliffe cover

The news flying around the port came to his ears as soon as he set foot on land yesterday. Governor Modyford, newly appointed and on his way from Barbadoes, intended to honour King Charles’ new accord with Madrid. The market was abuzz with speculation. If the governor revoked the marques against the Spanish, would the Brethren ships change allegiance? Would they go to the French colonies of Saint-Domingue and Tortuga, or even to the Dutch in Curacao?

The Audacious might not abandon Port Royal, but Perry was still a lieutenant in the navy. He would still have to leave. Making peace with Spain was a clear sign that the English crown had made its decision—war with the Dutch Republic. Sooner or later Perry would be recalled, returned to England to defend home shores. Belike he would be given a command. Not even Commodore Pobjoy’s spite would stop him being promoted in a time of war.

For years, Perry had dreamed of being a captain. For months, he had pined to return home. At last, he was on the verge of having his ambitions granted. He sighed at the irony.

Because last night, Quinn made himself Perry’s master, and everything had changed.

The ambitions he had once aspired to, the blocks on which he had built his lonely existence, the things he had long accepted as his lot in life, all had collapsed like a house upon the sand. Now his greatest wish was to stay in the Caribbean and serve aboard the Audacious. Even if he never rose higher than second mate, he preferred that to being half a world away from Gabriel Quinn.

But his native caution warned him to be wary. Not to put too much stock into Quinn’s sweet words of possession.Their shared passion might be as ephemeral as a candle: burning bright whilst the night lasts, naught but a puddle of cold wax in the light of day.

After all, the sailing master could do better than a charmless nobody. Perry stared at himself in the mirror. Staring back was a man all of drabness: mousy hair, colourless eyes, bland features. And there were deeper things amiss with him, things beyond the power of a mirror to show: tongue-tied in company, lacking any gentlemanly refinement, ignorant and uneducated. What could a man like Quinn see in him?

A complete mess is what he’ll see if I don’t clean up. Perry smoothed down his wayward curls in an attempt to look less freshly fucked. He grimaced, an expression that landed somewhere between smug and rueful. Even if Quinn did not fuck him into disarray again this morning, erelong every pirate in Port Royal would know the sailing master of the Defiant had tamed the uptight Mr Perry-grin.

He filled the basin and stripped, splashing his body and dousing his head. He scrubbed vigorously, feeling an energising tingle all over. Some parts of himself, however, were very tender, and he dabbed the cold water carefully on those raw places.

The door creaked. Snatching up his shirt, he pivoted to put his back to the wall. Quinn stood in the doorway clad only in his drawers, his magnificent chest on display. Perry’s breath caught, and he was tempted to drop to his knees. Instead, he dropped his shirt. Quinn knew his scars; last night he had traced every one with tongue and finger. Perry felt no shame before him.

At this show of trust, he was rewarded with the master’s sensuous smile. He returned the smile shyly and turned back to the basin. He sluiced his torso, washing off the remnants of soap. A new excitement buzzed in his veins when he heard Quinn’s breeches drop to the floor. Arms slid about his waist, and his heartbeat kicked up. A naked chest pressed to his damp back, kisses marked his shoulders. A firm prick prodded his bare buttocks.

“’Tis dangerous for a pretty boy to be wandering naked around a pirate ship,” murmured Quinn into his neck, kissing and nibbling.

Tilting his head, Perry leaned back into the embrace. “Am I in danger, Master Quinn? Surely you’d not take advantage of a defenceless sailor lad.”

Quinn bent him forward. Hands on the bulkhead, he pushed back as a hard length slid between his thighs.

“Only when he’s as saucy a piece as you, Mr Peregrine. I’ll be taking advantage of you at every opportunity.”

Author Bio

From the time I learned to talk, I told stories. From the time I learned my letters, I wrote the stories down!

I love vintage items, from advertising posters and pulp fiction covers to Art Deco furniture to Victorian sex toys.

I’ve lived, studied, and worked in several countries, but I always return to Australia. My home is near the beach in Queensland, where I live with my unconventional family. But I miss the cold winters and often dream of sitting by a blazing fire on a snowy night.

“Just for Funsies” Q&A with Jules Radcliffe

Describe yourself using… ( a food, a book, a song, a movie, an animal, a drink, a place etc)
Margarita. Sweet, sour, and salty; not helpful for making important decisions; great at parties.

Do you have any strange writing habits or superstitions?
I have to have my rock within reach. It’s smooth and egg shaped, a bit bigger than a duck egg so it fits into my cupped hand perfectly. Kind of like a stress ball you can’t squeeze! I picked it up off the ground on Òigh-sgeir, (a skerry in the Scottish Small Isles) when I was a kid, and it’s been with me ever since.

If you could create a new holiday, what would it be?
Wildlife Day. We celebrate all the animals in the wild by not the eff screwing with their habitat. COVID lockdowns showed us it can be done.

If you were stuck on a desert island all alone with only three things, what would they be?
A solar charger, my laptop, and my fave sex toy. (And I’m assuming basic food and clothes don’t count towards my three!)

What action would your name be if it were a verb?
Onwards! Not actually a verb, but it’s actiony, and it’s my unofficial motto.

What fantasy realm would you choose to live in and why?
I have a real weakness for Pern. If I couldn’t have a dragon, I’d at least try for a fire-lizard!

What fictional character would you like to spend an evening with, and why?
Inara from ‘Firefly’. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening being pampered by a beautiful and skilled Companion?!

Which of your own characters would you Kill? Fuck? Marry? And why?
Kill: I am so BUSY killing characters in the Pirates of Port Royal! But if I could only kill one, it would be Sneyd. Because I know just what a nasty little maggot he is. And Quinn would agree.
Fuck: Raphe Ashburn from The Penitent Pirate, spicy little bint that he is. And partly because I wouldn’t be sorry to say goodbye to him in the morning!
Marry: probably Harry from Poppies in Paris. He has a steady job, respects his mother, and takes care of his lovers. (A partner who treats their parents with respect will always do the same for you.)

Would you visit the future or the past, and why?
Past so I could warn myself about 2020. And tell myself not to buy that bag of powdered milk…

How does the world end?
Probably in a super volcano explosion. Although Earth might limp on as half a planet

Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?
Now here’s one I can never choose. I love both worlds. If anything, I lean towards Trek, mostly because of the awful SW prequels that came out in the early noughties (and Han bloody shot first, don’t fuck with the character). But then, I weigh that up against ‘Enterprise’ and a couple of the Trek movies (notably the 1979 one, yeuch) and the score for ghastly evens out. And every Christmas, a friend and I watch the ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ (Rifftrax version) complete with 1977 ads and get drunk. (It’s unwatchable without the alcohol.)

What meds are you supposed to be taking?
Antihistamines. I’m allergic to the world, and go through life with the equivalent of a head cold.

Who is your favorite author?
Hmm. Not so much a favourite author as favourite books. I love Treasure Island and Kidnapped, but find other RLS works meh. Love the LOTR series and The Hobbit, but hate all other Tolkien. Adore Georgette Heyer’s romance novels, dislike the detective novels. I don’t read a lot in my own genre, but of those I have, I really like the Charm of Magpies series by KJ Charles, and Widdershins by Jordan L Hawk.

What’s your drink of choice?
Whisky. Islay malt, for preference.

What’s in your fridge right now?
I’m not at home, I’m visiting my parents who live in rural NSW. But my dad spoils me rotten, so the fridge is filled with goodies. Crumpets in the shape of a unicorn (like I need an extra reason to eat crumpets!), croissants, my uncle’s home made jams, plum and marmalade, cheese made at a local dairy, brioche raisin toast. Mum has had to make sure there’s real food like carrots and broccoli…!

What food(s) fuel your writing?
Endless cups of tea, and now hot chocolate made from my panic-demic buy of powdered milk! Winter is my favourite time of year for writing for the hot drinks alone.

Football or Soccer?
I call soccer football! So yeah, that one. My partner is addicted to the Bundesliga, which I think is the only league playing in these COVID times. I lived spitting distance from the Heart of Midlothian stadium in Edinburgh during my formative years, so Hearts became my team as much as I have a team. And as their colours are the same as Queensland colours (where I now live), I didn’t even have to buy a new scarf 🙂

Christmas or New Year’s?
Christmas—I like the atmosphere better. Plus I have several annual traditions—the previously mentioned ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ and drinkies with one friend, cheesy Hallmark Christmas romance movies and popcorn with another, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and chocolate with myself while I wrap presents. I do miss the cold winteriness which makes Christmas such a cosy holiday, though. NYE always seems to be: drink until tipsy, jump into pool fully clothed, wake up the next day pissed that I ruined my shoes. Fun, but not as fun as Christmas.

You have been granted one day to relive over, do you change it or keep it exactly the way it was? Will you share?
There are certainly things I’d do differently if I had my time over, but I can’t point to one single incident I’d change more than any other, and I can’t point to one single day that was so awesome I’d do it again. I’m really a forward looking person, not at all nostalgic for the past. Weird, considering my studies and the genre I write in.
Mind you, I might go back to a certain party and sock a certain dude in his cakehole. Probably wouldn’t have changed anything, but it would feel SO satisfying to the 2020 me.

Cats or dogs?
Again, not one I can choose. I love cats for their independence, their intrepid natures, and their quiet enjoyment of life. If a cat loves you, they follow you everywhere and are very comforting. I love dogs for their liveliness, their adoration, and their thrill-a-minute personalities. Everything is new and wonderful to a dog, they love everyone, and they inspire so much happiness.

Purple or Green?
Purple. Not something I’ve ever consciously done, but I have almost no green clothes or décor items, and plenty of purple ones.

Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss?
Shakespeare, definitely. I have a new appreciation for the arsington after watching ‘Upstart Crow’.

You’ve been given a microphone that everyone on the planet can hear and understand. You have 10 seconds to say anything you want. What do you share with the world?
Vote. History teaches us what a privilege it is to have the right to vote. Our ancestors suffered and died to get us that right. Don’t minimise their sacrifice because you can’t be bothered.

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