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📚Series Tour📚 for: Death’s Embrace Series ~by~ H.L. Moore (incl. #GIVEAWAY Excerpt & special Author interview)


Death’s Embrace Series by H.L. Moore

Series Blurb

Doran had a problem, and it wasn’t that he’d been stabbed.

Doran Ó Seanáin, leader of the Black Lung Gang and former Foreman of the mines, is at war with Iole’s City’s tyrannical ruler for his brutal treatment of the miners. Doran is losing, badly, and he fears his relationship with his estranged daughter Grace will never heal following the death of his wife two years prior.

Nathaniel Morgenstern, an apotheker with a mysterious past to whom Doran owes his life, seems to offer salvation. But Nathaniel has secrets of his own that may just tear them apart before they have a chance to give in to each other. 

The stories are best read in order.



Book Title: Heart of Dust

Author: H. L. Moore

Publisher: Self- Published

Cover Artist: Designed by Damonza

Length: 59 000 words / 250 pages

Release Date: February 19, 2018

Genre: Fantasy M/M Romance

Trope: Slow Burn

Themes: Revolution, Addiction

Heat Rating: 2 flames

It is book 1 in the series.


Buy Links 

Special offer – Heart of Dust reduced to 99c for a limited time

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 

Kobo  |  Abbey’s

Doran had a problem, and it wasn’t that he’d been stabbed.


Iole City is in turmoil. Doran Ó Seanáin, leader of the Black Lung Gang, is determined to bring the Lord Archon – Iole’s tyrannical ruler – down for his brutal treatment of the miners. But Doran has more to deal with than getting stabbed, a stalemate and city-wide lockdown that’s seeing his gang of ex-miners being slowly starved out of their base – his daughter Grace has turned against him, and the weight of his wife’s death two years prior haunts them both.

Things start to look up when he’s inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel Morgenstern, the apotheker with a mysterious past he owes his life to, but Doran is in way over his head. The fate of the mines hangs in the balance; the clock is ticking and the Archon is closing in. Doran’s plan to break the cycle may very well be his last.


Heart of Dust

Everything hurt.

This wasn’t out of the ordinary; Doran was accustomed to waking up any given morning with his head aching, his body bruised, his feet swollen, his bones fractured and muscles torn. But this time he couldn’t move, not even to open his eyes. He dimly wondered if he was hungover.

He felt someone prodding at his body. He grunted and forced his eyes open, regretting it immediately at the resulting implosion of pain in his head.

The culprit was a young man – a child, really – who yelped and jumped backwards with wide eyes, clutching a bandage.

“Sir?” the boy called out, over his shoulder. Doran flinched, the sound reverberating through his skull, and clenched his eyes shut again. “Sir, he’s waking up.”

“Leave us.”

The boy’s voice responded. “But –”


A heavy sigh. “Yes, sir.”

He could hear murmuring somewhere in the background but he couldn’t focus on the words. Instead he let the subtle but heady scent of pinewood and elderflower calm his aching mind. 

There were light footsteps – the boy, Gerald – shuffling indignantly up a staircase somewhere to the right, then there was nothing but the sound of his own breathing.

His mind was so sluggish that an eon and a half had passed by the time he felt a cool glass press gently against his lower lip. A strong hand moved under the back of his head to guide him up. He managed a few sips of sweet, crystalline water. It tasted like it was sent from Lady Sionann herself to soothe his parched and aching mouth.

Doran swallowed, then gulped. Water spilled from his hungry lips and the glass was pulled away. He protested, or tried to, but the hand supporting his head guided him back down. 

He realised he was lying on a table. It wasn’t hard enough to be stone, or cold enough to be metal. He could feel the grains of smooth wood beneath the tips of his fingers and against his skin, and his head rested on something soft. A jacket, perhaps, or even a pillow. 

Consciousness filtered back to him, not quickly enough for his liking. Finally he managed to pry his eyes open.

The man leaning over him couldn’t have been more than a few years older than Doran, in his early forties perhaps, but if Doran thought he carried his own age badly, this man outrivalled him. 

The stranger’s brown hair was peppered grey, completely silver at the temples; his face was hard, weathered and lined from years of trauma or poor life choices. A scar extended from the corner of his right eye to the middle of his cheek, destroying any chance of symmetry. Doran couldn’t call him good-looking, not by a long shot, but there was something incredibly striking about his features, in an offensive sort of way.

Doran swallowed thickly. “How long…” he tried to say, the words coming out in a harsh whisper.

“All night.”

The man had a low, coarse voice, like a miner after years of inhaling cigarette smoke and coal dust, but his words were soft.

“Shit.” Doran pushed himself to a sitting position. “What time is it?”

“Early, still,” the man replied, pressing his hand to Doran’s shoulder. His hand was bound in a black band of mourning, not unlike the one Doran wore around his upper arm. “Move slowly. You don’t want to tear those stitches.”

“Stitches –?” 

Doran glanced down at himself, and his memory of the previous day flooded back in an instant. 

His hand found his side, and instead of a gaping wound his fingers met a firm bandage. He also couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of blood and – apart from his underwear – clothing.

“…You helped me,” Doran said.

“You were bleeding all over my doorstep.”

“Ah. Apologies.”

The man grunted, though whether this was in dismay or to brush off the apology, Doran couldn’t tell. “Stab wounds do that. You’re lucky it wasn’t deeper.”

Doran thought of Rhian, bleeding to death in his arms while their daughter wept. “Yeah,” he echoed. “Lucky.”

The man moved away, then returned with a bowl of steaming broth and two slices of bread. Doran accepted the meal gratefully. The broth was hot but not enough to burn his tongue. He found himself draining the bowl with desperate gulps, then attacking the bread like a starving wolf. It was better than anything he’d eaten in moons. The bread was warm and fresh, and he used it to soak up the last of the salt and rosemary broth from the bowl. 

The man offered Doran a bundle of clothes when he was done.

“These should fit you,” he said, passing them over. “I had to burn yours.”

Doran’s heart seized, a spike of pure panic gripping his body. His hand shot to his chest to clutch for the chain around his neck, calming only when his fingers curled around the locket. He exhaled.

The man’s head tilted at the sudden movement, a small frown creasing his brow as the flash of bronze caught his eye, but the locket vanished underneath the shirt Doran hastily pulled over his body.

“Thanks.” Doran swung his legs over the edge of the table, wincing when he moved too quickly. 

“I’d tell you not to engage in strenuous activity for at least a week, but I doubt you’ll listen and the Archon won’t care,” the man said. “Try not to reopen the wound when you’re working the mines.”

That told Doran two things – there had been no revolution, and the mines were still open.

He swallowed his disappointment. “What makes you think I’m a miner?”


Doran glanced down at his hands, the cuticles of his nails and the skin of his palms permanently stained black. He clenched his calloused fists together and tried to keep his tone non-committal. “I hear it’s a hard life.”

“One I don’t envy.”


Book Title: Soul of Ash

Author: H. L. Moore

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Designed by Damonza

Length:  85 000 words/ 336 pages

Release Date: September 2020

Genre/s: Fantasy M/M Romance

Trope/s: Slow Burn

Themes: Addiction, Dark Pasts, Atonement, Forgiveness

Heat Rating: 2 flames


Buy Links – reduced to USD$4.99 for a limited time

Amazon US  |   Amazon UK

Kobo  |  Abbey’s

You can run, but you will never be free.


Half a year after the events of Heart of Dust, Doran Ó Seanáin now finds himself trapped between two worlds while belonging to neither. Held in contempt by the upper class for the turmoil he caused during Archon Bryson’s reign and resented by the miners for selling out, Leonora Darkwater’s bid to purchase the mines from the crown may be his salvation. But the offer is far more complicated than it appears, and the only person Doran trusts is the same man who threw his life into chaos.

Haunted by his past, held hostage by his debt to the Archon, and a slave to the poison that keeps him alive, atonement feels perpetually out of reach for Nathaniel Morgenstern. Too much damage has been done and too much has gone unsaid for time alone to heal the wounds between him and Doran.

Unfortunately, time is the one thing they don’t have as their lives collide once more. There are vipers in Arajon; the mines aren’t finished with Doran, and the sand in Nathaniel’s hourglass is running out.


Soul of Ash

He was led down a mining shaft illuminated by coal-lit lamps, until they began pushing through a crowd of murmuring men and women held back by other miners. As Lien and Nathaniel were permitted to pass, he heard a hoarse, slightly damaged voice murmuring reassurances beside a derailed dumper tractor raised off the ground by a few metal supporting bars. 

“Just hold on,” he heard Doran saying, from where he knelt beside the tractor. “He’ll be here any moment –” 

“Doran,” Lien said. 

Doran turned. 

The past few months had seen Nathaniel frequent the mines to deliver his wares or receive miners in his shop where he would be asked to render assistance. Trivial things, usually – scrapes and cuts, the occasional broken bone or beginnings of black lung. But since that day in winter, Doran himself had not returned to the shop, nor had Nathaniel seen Doran in the mines, no doubt by design. 

“Good, you’re here,” Doran said when he saw Nathaniel. It was a warmer welcome than Nathaniel had expected or hoped for. “Can you help her?” 

On the sooty ground, a woman, with half of her right leg pinned under the full weight of the truck, groaned. 

If a woman’s leg been crushed under a truck in the glistening streets of the Bronze, the citizens would probably have thrown up or fainted or run away screaming. At the back of the cavern, the doctor was surrounded by men and women of the mines. They didn’t flinch at the horror scene that was her crushed leg; they’d seen worse. By the looks on their faces, most didn’t expect a happy outcome. 

“I’d say good morning,” Nathaniel said as he too knelt beside the doctor, “but you don’t seem to be having one.” 

The doctor had dark skin, betraying her as a member of the upper classes like the Harringtons, whose ancestors had emigrated not from the Valley but from the equatorial nations of Pontecorvo and Kedrossos, south of Vaison. She wore a circlet bracelet depicting the Lady Sionann, like many of the descendants of secular immigrants who’d made their fortunes did, embracing the culture of Arajon and generating both prosperity and poverty, while earning the disdain of the Valley population who clung to the old ways out of tradition or spite.  

The doctor assessed Nathaniel as he set his bag down and pulled out the sterile cloths and alcohol.  

“I don’t recognise this man,” she said to Doran, one hand braced against the tractor looming over her head, the other gripping the thigh of her right leg. Sweat beaded on her clammy forehead. “I know every person who has – nngh – passed through medicine at the Conservatorium. Who is this?” 

“This is Nathaniel Morgenstern,” Doran replied. “He’s an apotheker in Methyr – the one who produces our remedies. He’s the closest thing to a healer we could find, given the urgency.” 

“Morgenst— an apotheker?” the doctor spat. She arched her neck to glower at Doran through her tears of pain. “You’ve b-brought me some Helvetian herbalist! Are you mad? Those backwards fools didn’t even learn how to wipe their asses until a century ago!” 

She was oddly coherent for a woman whose leg was currently crushed under a tractor. 

“My mother had surgical training in Haderach,” Nathaniel said. “Her people discovered hygiene thousands of years ago. You’ll live.” 

If anything, the doctor’s expression turned fouler. “A mev,” she muttered.  

Doran’s hand clamped down hard on his shoulder. 

“Mr Morgenstern is here to save your life,” he said, tersely. “Adrian, bring Doctor Lancaster some water.” 

The one named Adrian scurried away. 

Nathaniel felt Doran’s eyes burning into his shoulders as he examined what he could of the crushed leg under the twisted metal of the tractor. He cut the pant fabric from around Lancaster’s knee, and prodded his finger into the exposed flesh of the leg just below the kneecap, avoiding the bone jutting out like shards. There was no return of blood to her dark skin, and the doctor didn’t jerk with pain. 

No blood flow. No feeling. The leg below the knee was as good as dead. 

“Well?” Doran asked quietly. 

Nathaniel shook his head. Doran uttered a soft swear. 

“It would be better if the truck could be lifted so I can remove the limb safely,” Nathaniel said. “This area isn’t sterile.” 

“We tried,” Doran said. “It’s too dangerous. The whole thing could collapse on her and crush her in an instant. She needs to be freed first before we can safely dismantle it.” 

“All right.” 

“How long will the procedure take?” Doran asked. 

Nathaniel tilted his head at Lancaster. “Forty-odd years ago, the barber-surgeons in the Helvetic would hold down a patient and hack off their limb in thirty seconds. This was before numbing agents had been introduced, of course – time was of the essence for the patients, to minimise the pain so they wouldn’t go into shock. The wound would then be cauterised with either hot iron or boiling oil.” 

“You barbarian,” Lancaster choked, “don’t you dare.” 

Barbarian. That was a new one. 

Surgery wasn’t his forte. He hadn’t lied – he could amputate limbs. In his time, he’d successfully amputated both limbs and heads, though the appendages usually belonged to different people and certainly hadn’t been for the purpose of saving their lives. If one was strictly speaking about life-saving amputation, his mother had taught him the technique and guided his hand through the procedure.  

On cadavers. 

When he was twelve. 

“I can do it that quickly,” Nathaniel said, “but you’ll either bleed to death or die of shock. Caution over speed is preferable. Do you want to be unconscious, or numbed?” 

“Numbed,” Lancaster said. “You have done this before, haven’t you?” 

“Six times.” 

“How many of your patients died?” 

Nathaniel pulled out Professor Kaufman’s tome on Human Anatomy and Physiology from his bag and opened it to the chapter on amputation techniques. “They were all already dead.” 

Interview Questions with the Author

Before you started, had you written any fan fiction? If so, what fandom?

Yes – in fact, I’m still writing fanfiction! I’ve been writing fanfiction since 2005, where I started off in the Harry Potter fandom with a glorious self-insert Mary Sue original character. I had a brief stint in The Mummy fandom during high school, but my biggest fandoms to date have been Star Wars (I was briefly a small-name fan for an Anakin/Obi-Wan fic… that’s a story for another time), Dishonored (which inspired me to focus on original fiction), and Detroit: Become Human. There have been others, but I’d say those were my main fandoms.

Are you in agreement that writing fan fiction is a great way to hone ones’ craft – why or why not?

Yes, absolutely. Writing fanfiction not only was an easy and fun way for me to practice my own skills. I learned more by trial and error with fanfiction than I did from any writing class or English lesson at school. Fanfiction taught me how to tap into characters’ emotions; it taught me the value of consequences and recovery from traumatic events, which were so often overlooked in the books and television shows that jumped from one event to the next without considering the effect it would have on the characters. Fanfiction was a place I could go to, to continue engaging in a series or show I loved long after it had ‘ended’, and a place I could go to when I was disappointed in the direction taken by the writers. I learned how to shape and craft stories and it gave me a pressure-free space to explore my own writing style outside of grades and feedback from courses that were traditionally unfriendly towards speculative fiction. But most importantly – fanfiction is how I took that step into writing original fiction. Death’s Embrace was thematically inspired by a fanfiction series I wrote for a video game in 2017. Without first having engaged in that fandom and found lifelong friends with whom I could share my writing with, for encouragement and for feedback, I wouldn’t have been able to take what I’d learned to craft something original.

What was your first published book?

Heart Of Dust, which I self-published as an ebook on Kobo in February 2018.

Do you have a favorite character from one of your books? Why?

I can’t possibly pick a single favourite! But if I absolutely had to… it would be Tsa Lien, the main male character’s best friend and a highly competent, distinguished lesbian. She’s mysterious, accomplished, a loyal friend, no-nonsense and terribly scary when she wants to be. I can’t decide whether I want to be her, or be with her.

Would you ever write a hetero romance? Why or why not?

Probably not. I’ve written stories where there are hetero couples, but not a specific hetero romance… and I doubt I ever will because while I do love romance, I always, without fail, find myself exploring LGBT+ romances. There are more than enough hetero romance writers in the world already who have their hearts in the stories they tell – my heart will always be with a romance that I connect with. 

What are your thoughts on erotica?

Not a huge personal fan of reading it, as I tend to prefer slow-burn emotional romances. But I will defend its right to exist and be enjoyed by others with my dying breath.

What book are you reading at the moment? It’s okay to give a fellow author a plug!

I’m about to get started on Lindsay Ellis’s Axiom’s End, which I cannot WAIT to read.

What are you currently working on?

Book 3 of the Death’s Embrace series. I can’t say too much without spoiling some major plot developments from Heart Of Dust and Soul Of Ash, but I’ve set up some big situations that demand payoff. It’s still in the draft/planning stages, though!

When creating your characters, do you have models/actors/real people in mind or are they totally fictional?

Totally fictional, though afterwards I’ll sometimes find ‘face casts’ for them for fun. Sometimes it’s easy, but most of the time it can be extremely difficult for me to find an actor or model who matches the vision I have the character in my mind. As a result, I tend to keep descriptions of the characters in my books relatively vague, as I prefer to let their personalities speak for themselves.

If you write gay romance or erotica, just how descriptive are you in their sex scenes?

It depends on the context. In the Death’s Embrace series, the main romance has so far been extremely slow burn and relatively chaste; this will change as the main characters’ romance deepens and develops, but I don’t think I’ll end up writing their love scenes very explicitly. I prefer to focus on the emotions, not the actions. But I’ll never say never!

As a gay fiction or m/m romance author, do you feel that the trend is changing where it is becoming more mainstream?

Yes, I do – when I was a teenager in the late-2000s, finding gay or LGBT+ YA fiction in the library was absolutely unheard of. Now we have more mainstream, best-selling YA fiction that feature gay protagonists, and it’s a really positive thing.

Do you believe it’s important for you to know the gender of the author?

For me, that really depends on the context and genre. If the story is science fiction, then probably not – if it’s good writing, then it’s good writing. If it’s a story that tackles feminist issues from a woman’s point of view, for example, I’d be more discerning and far more critical of a cishet male writer, but I wouldn’t not read it. There is value in encouraging people to write about experiences that aren’t their own, as long as those books don’t silence the voices of writers who are writing from their own experience. I guess I’m trying to say that this isn’t a yes or a no answer. There are too many variables and contexts and considerations to take for me to definitively say one way or the other. It might help me make decisions on what I want to read, and who I want to support – e.g. I always want to promote diverse gender and ethnic voices in genre fiction – but at the end of the day, I’m after a good story with good characters.

Do you think women making up a good portion of the m/m fiction writers detracts from the genre? Why or why not?

Definitely not. Growing up on fanfiction, most of the m/m stories I read were some of the most beautiful and moving romances I’d ever read, and they were largely written by women. The genre of m/m romance is just one aspect of the larger queer romance genre; we are all part of it. Men have been writing about women for years; to say women shouldn’t write about men or be as invested in male/male love stories as gay men are, lacks nuance. M/M ships in fanfiction, and eventually F/F ships, were my first experiences of romances that I connected with on a deep, visceral level – without even knowing why I was so drawn to them instead of the canon heterosexual couples. If someone had told me at the age of 17, when I thought I was straight, that I was detracting from the genre by being a female m/m fiction writer, I think it would have broken my heart. I doubt I’d have been able to articulate to myself why it would have hurt me to feel I was ‘detracting’ from something that made me so happy and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I probably would have stopped reading, or stopped writing, and my journey to realising that I’m a lesbian would have been so, so much harder.

I am grateful to the female m/m writers when I was younger, and I’m proud to be one now – because the stories I write aren’t just for women, they’re for the queer community, and the story of same-sex people being drawn to each other is something that transcends the gender of the author. I think the only answer to the disproportionate number of female m/m fiction writers to male m/m writers, is to encourage more men to write m/m romances. Let’s flip the question – do I think men becoming more prominent in writing m/m fiction will enhance the genre? Yes, I do. Do I think women should write more f/f romances, too? Yes, I do! That’s next on my list. 😉

Thank you.

About the Author

H.L. is an Australian writer of LGBT+ fiction. She holds a Master of Arts in International Relations (2015) and a Bachelor of Media in Communications and Journalism (2012), both from the University of New South Wales.

She is a lesbian of Jewish and Middle Eastern (Egyptian) heritage, and is an #OwnVoices writer. She has been writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pen. She is the author of M/M fantasy romance novels Heart of Dust and Soul of Ash, Books 1 & 2 of the Death’s Embrace series.

She has had two short stories published: “The Collector” in the 2014 Future Times Award Collection A Tick Tock Heart, and “Entente” in the 2020 Twisted Stories Award Collection Just Alice.

Author Links

Blog/Website  |  Tumblr  |   Facebook  

Twitter | BookBub | Goodreads


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"So interesting and intense that once I got into it I didnt want to put it down." — Amazon reviewer

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